Humanizing Loyalty

A road map to establishing genuine emotional loyalty at scale.

Marketing is changing. Customer expectations are becoming more demanding. Brand loyalty is evolving. Last year, we set out to uncover the human element that exists between the customer and the brand—that gray matter that is hard to measure, hard to quantify, hard to predict.

We know there are significant differences in the level of commitment people have to the brands they frequent. At Olson 1to1, we believe that loyalty is an outcome, not just a program. From habitual loyalty to transactional loyalty to emotional loyalty, our goal was to unearth the inner workings of those nuances in order to understand how to strengthen the customer-brand relationship as a whole. We sought to gain a deeper understanding of how loyalty forms in personal relationships and uncover universal truths that would give insight into how people form relationships with brands.

By employing both traditional and non-traditional research techniques in partnership with SIVO Insights and Panoramix Global, we developed a unique point of view and uncovered six key drivers of emotional brand loyalty. Core to all human connections, these drivers make for the most authentic and resilient brand relationships.

In our research, we define what humanizing the brand and loyalty experience means and why it’s more critical than ever to creating an unbreakable bond with your customers. We also provide strategies that you can start using right away to address the one thing your customers want more than anything from you: Something more real. More genuine. A more human experience with your brand. With an intentional shift from head to heart, we reimagine the future of customer loyalty.