ICF Olson’s 2018 Summer Party Recap

The annual summer celebration as told by an O-tern

It’s officially August which means the final presentation of our O-tern project is around the corner! We’ve been so invested in all things Seven Sundays that the summer just flew by. This past week though, we took a break from our project to let our hair down at the ICF Olson summer party.

Held at Darby’s, the (un)official ICF Olson watering hole, a.k.a. “Conference Room D,” the summer party was a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues, meet people you don’t see day to day, and naturally, enjoy a couple of drinks on the huge patio.

Of course, we love a theme, and this year’s theme encouraged Olsonites to express their true colors in the form of graphic tees. From quirky and sarcastic humor, to band tees, to kittens with laser beams for eyes, you can certainly learn a lot about someone from their pick.

Naturally the O-terns were enlisted to help out in a few different ways during the party. A handful of us acted as greeters, checking that everyone who entered had wristbands. The greeters also carried Polaroid cameras and snapped photos of everyone’s shirts to be entered in the Best Graphic Tee contest. The other half of the O-terns were on Bingo duty. Our O-terns are loud and enthusiastic, perfect traits for an amateur Bingo caller!

Leading up to the party, ICF Olson staff were campaigning for the new King and Queen of Noslo, our office kingdom. The summer party acted as a retirement party for the current King and Queen, as well as the perfect place to announce the new royals. Congratulations to Mattie Tietz and Ram Pottumuttu on taking the throne!

As food was served (I’m still thinking about those mac-n-cheese bites) and beer flowed, everyone was having a really great time. Though we saw a little rain in the beginning, the evening turned out to be beautiful. We all know how hard everyone at ICF Olson works, but it was really fun to see the “play hard” aspect of the “work hard, play hard” mentality we boast.

I don’t think I’m just speaking for myself when I say one of the best parts of the party was the Flip Cup game. Tons of us crowded around a 10-foot-long table and played like we were back in college. For those who don’t know the rules: Start at one end of the table, the first person chugs the beer in their cup, then sets it upside down on the table and has to flip it right side up using one finger before the next person can go. First team to get to the other end of the table wins. The prize? More beer.

In all, the evening was a blast and a great way for everyone (not just the O-terns!) to unwind during a busy summer. Ain’t no party like a summer party!