We Like Muesli a Whole Brunch!

The O-terns get a behind-the-scenes look at Seven Sundays

It’s hard to believe, but the O-terns have reached the halfway mark with our project and our O-ternship! Masters of all things muesli, we’ve been hard at work in the concepting phase of our Seven Sundays project and things are really coming to life. Six weeks from now we’ll be standing in front of the client presenting all our hard work. Someone please hit the slow-down button…

We’ve become extremely loyal to Seven Sundays. We keep bags of their muesli at our desks and we eat it at home. Our love for the brand only grew more when we visited their office/workspace last week.

On a sunny Saturday morning, a group of O-terns ventured to South Minneapolis to the Seven Sundays HQ. Hannah and Brady, the founders, were hosting a brunch complete with mimosas, iced coffee, and of course, muesli. Their workspace is incredible. From the outside, the office has the appearance of a renovated barn, complete with a brown exterior and plenty of white-trimmed windows. Inside, the entryway leads to a very large, bright kitchen. We see how the creativity of flavors flows freely in a space like that. Hannah and Brady welcomed us warmly and encouraged us to grab drinks and then check out their upstairs office. Edison bulbs and hardwood floors created an industrial-chic feel. It was really helpful to see behind-the-scenes of Seven Sundays. The workspace and office reflected their brand’s mission of being simplistic, holistic and modern.

Back downstairs, the 20-or-so guests gathered in the kitchen. Hannah gave an introduction to their goal with the brunch, which was to taste test some new flavor concepts. We started by blind taste testing some muesli soaked in different milks, from store-bought dairy alternatives, to homemade iterations. It was fun going into it blind and then being surprised that you liked one over another that you might not have expected.

The next activity was the flavor tasting and it was pretty amazing. It wasn’t so much new flavors of muesli itself, but more so how it was prepared. Different toppings make a world of difference. I won’t give too much away since they aren’t on the market yet, but I’ll just say this: who knew muesli could be savory? The brunch flew by and if you don’t live and breathe muesli like we do, I should note that muesli is very filling. Seven flavors tested later, we left happy and full (and ready for a nap).

All morning we could really see the passion that Hannah and Brady have for their product. From the way they talked about it, to being able to see (and taste!) how much work and thought they’ve put into it. It really inspired us to put the same amount of work into this project.

Thank you to Seven Sundays for the yummy brunch, and to any muesli-virgins reading this, go buy a bag already and see what I’ve been rambling on about for yourself!