Strategy and Analytics

Strategy and analytics

You don’t know Jack. But we do. We know where he loves to spend his time and money—and even where his loyalties lie. Thanks to our strategies, insights and advanced analytics we get to know your customer better than anyone. We can even predict the future. What will Jack do next?

Loyalty & CRM Strategy

Want to design a world-class Loyalty and CRM experiences together? We’ll jump-start conversations, invite relationships and create emotional connections with your customers. This is where it gets fun.

Loyalty Experience Design

We design loyalty and CRM programs and experiences that create loyal customers and drive incremental revenue.

Loyalty Program Refresh

We look at your current loyalty program or experience and identify ways to improve engagement, impact and revenue.

Journey Mapping & Experience Design

We map every touchpoint with your customer so that we can develop compelling experiences that engage them—driving loyalty exponentially.

CRM Consulting

We craft powerful, data-driven strategies that engage your customers online and offline during highly seducible moments in their lives.


We help you unlock the power of your data to create personalized experiences for your customers.


Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Before we go too far, we’ll want to get to know your current technology. Like on an intimate basis. It’s how we get to your needs, identify the right platforms and visualize success.

Loyalty/CRM Technology Assessment

Technology is complex. We help your organization map out the steps and dependencies required when implementing a new solution.

Technology ROI Modeling

Using proven models, we can help your organization understand the return on your technology investments.

System Integration Planning

Our system architecture experts will partner with your team to create an integration plan mapping new technologies with existing internal systems.

Insights & Analytics

Complex data? No sweat. It actually is a bit of a rush for us. Turning that data into actionable insights. It’s how we transform your business. It’s what makes us tick.

Operational Reports & Dashboards

Intuitive, customized real-time reports and dashboards provide the critical KPIs that drive your business.

Interactive Insights & Data Visualization

Our partnership with Tableau allows us to create highly-visual interactive reports that allow a marketer to slice and dice data like a statistician.

Advanced Analytics

Our team of insight-minded analytical professionals use advanced models to uncover opportunities that can transform your business.

Financial modeling & P&L development

We use our experience in customer loyalty and CRM to provide clients with a clear, cohesive financial models to inform investment decisions.



ALDO wanted to make stronger connections with their customers. Using data append and segmentation models we built an omni-channel CRM strategy that engages their customer across their entire lifecycle, all while driving the acquisition of powerful customer information and insights.


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