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Modernizing a Popular Engagement Platform

Old Chicago’s loyalty program, the World Beer Tour, was in need of modernization. While incredibly popular, the existing program only rewarded members for their purchases of beer; failing to reward diners or those who don’t enjoy beer. In addition, the experience was unwieldy for both customers and servers, the program and the platform provided no insight on diners’ food or non-beer purchases.

We put people at the heart of the solution by simplifying and enhancing the experience for diners and making the loyalty program less of a burden for front-line staff.

We branded and launched OC Rewards, Old Chicago’s first customer loyalty program that rewards customers for their beverage and food purchases. At the same time, we modernized the World Beer Tour, making it a permanent promotion within the OC Rewards program.

Old Chicago
Old Chicago Rewards

Rewards Anywhere

To enhance the member experience, we built a member web experience and a custom mobile application. We integrated our Tally® Loyalty and CRM platform with Old Chicago’s POS terminals. This connection records earnings, redemptions and World Beer Tour progress in real time, and prints updated loyalty information on the customer’s receipt.

Now members can view their earnings, promotion and redemption history in real time via web, mobile and on their physical receipts. Within the World Beer Tour, members can track their progress, pint by pint, in real time. As the member works toward the ultimate goal, completing the 110-beer tour, a large beer glass empties to show progress.

And the program worked. Old Chicago has seen positive YOY sales since the launch of the program. With a commitment to being the “craft beer authority,” Old Chicago has lots planned for 2016. And Olson 1to1 will be with them every beer of the way.