LensCrafters: Helping Mom see how her child sees.

When LensCrafters came to Olson 1to1 with plans to launch Clarifye, a revolutionary new digital eye exam technology, we knew that the launch would have to tell a story that resonated deeply with customers. We also knew that 1 in 4 children have undiagnosed vision problems that they may be struggling to articulate. These challenges can severely impact their ability to perform well in the classroom. 

Leveraging our data and insights on LC’s customers, we focused our efforts on moms, 85 percent of whom are the primary decision makers on vision care in households with children. We wanted to give mom the opportunity to virtually see through her child’s eyes, so we created an immersive 360-degree video experience, “See How Your Child Sees,” that allows her to experience the classroom with a vision problem from their perspective.

We launched the experience in our CRM channels, specifically targeting moms and households with children, and we activated the LensCrafters Facebook and YouTube pages. We also developed a unique digital experience that allowed mom to discover and explore more about vision challenges and the impact they can have on a child’s life. And the results have been outstanding: in just the first few days of the campaign, the Clarifye immersive video experience became LensCrafters’ most-viewed piece of content ever. The video has also received significant critical acclaim, including being highlighted as an "editor's pick" in Creativity Magazine, and in a DMNews feature article.